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Invitation planet

Recently new invitation card updated for birthday party. Customisable and Extensible for all kind of functions and occassions


Released latest version 2.0 of smart test features for all Android app. Displays testimony for crash log, session, activity, review and checkpoint

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Mobile Products in Snovabits have evolved keeping the Mobile Economy in mind. Around 16+ years of experience gained in mobile technology area, that’s why we cater the right product to people who have allowed greater role for mobile in their life. Our mobile products are consumed by consumer, business and enterprise as well.


Adserve connects advertisers with powerful our online advertising tools. AdServe helps advertisers to reach high-target audience with flexible budget control. It provides online advertising services for business by a variety of advertising mode.

  • 1. Unlimited number of advertisers, banners and zones.
  • 2. Advertisers analysis their ad with real-time reports.
  • 3.Launch a new browser when user clicks an ad, making it simple for them to return to your site.


  • 1.WiFi Man is a wifi hotspot app which allows the owner to share cellular data packages with any beneficiary and get paid for sharing. It provides secure, authenticated and controlled access to the data owner who shares.
  • 2. A very useful app for the users who wanted to connect to internet through their mobile devices on the move where their mobile devices are not 3G enabled or could not connect to any public wifi hotspot nearby.
  • 3. The user having access to 3g data can share his connection or internet access to any unknown user nearby and get paid for the used data services.


We monetize and make more revenue for all your D2C APPS for all platforms for all countries. Supports all payment solutions with in-built developers portals/tools. If you are an APP developer or company, this will be your BEST Choice to sell your APPS. Provides up to 95% Payout for your APPS.
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Build, Test, Deploy and Track your APPS at one shot with any AppStore. Provides Complete Suite to invite Testers, Plugins for all AppStores, APP Crash-logs, APP/User Behaviour, Performance, Increasing Revenue, Device Info, Operator Info, Geo Info and more.
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Invitation Planet

Create at a single click your own eternity FREE iOS/Android invitation APP, Share with Friends and Families. Supports SMS, Email, Video, Image, Realtime Streaming. Covers all invitations like Marriage, Party, Birthday or any memorable events.
Share them with your own domain name e.g. or
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